Albert Einstein on Exceeding Expectations “Everybody is a genius.”

Today the name “Einstein” is synonymous with the word ‘genius,’ but for the late Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist, it wasn’t always that way.

He didn’t speak fluently until the age of nine. His teachers thought he was delayed in his learning and his rebellious behaviour led to his expulsion from school. Years later, Einstein failed his university entrance exam.

But despite the challenges Einstein faced early on in his life, he shined in the areas that interested him.

The reason Einstein failed his entrance exam is because he only passed math and science, nothing arts-related.  He knew science and he knew numbers, but he couldn’t seem to develop an interest or understanding for the arts.

Still, what Einstein knew, he knew well.

He had a never-ending curiosity about the areas that interested him, and spent his entire life learning and discovering more.

“The ordinary adult never gives a thought to space-time problems … I, on the contrary, developed so slowly that I did not begin to wonder about space and time until I was an adult. I then delved more deeply into the problem than any other adult or child would have done,” Einstein wrote in a letter in 1956.

It’s easy sometimes to only see your weaknesses and how much you don’t know, but take a moment to reflect on what you do. Nobody is an expert in every field and once you discover what you’re really good at, you’ll be more driven to commit yourself to that specific area of interest. You too, can have your Einstein moment.

Just like him, it may take some time to happen, but it will.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein


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Priyanka Jain

Priyanka Jain

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