Bruno Mars on Biding Your Time

As many of us experience fluctuations in life, so has Bruno Mars. Even though he is experiencing extreme success now, he has had to reinvent and start over throughout his lifetime in order to survive.

Born in Hawaii, Bruno came from a family of musicians and performers; as a child, he was one of six children, but blessed with the most artistic talent. He was given the responsibilities at that early age, being the front man of his family’s band that helped give him initial exposure as an entertainer. However, success didn’t last long for the band and they did what they could to survive. When Bruno turned 18, he took a leap and ventured out to Los Angeles to reinvent and restart.

His aspirations of being a front man or solo artists seemed impossible at the time, mostly due to the vast amount of competition he faced as a newcomer. Rather than being disheartened of not fulfilling his dreams as a solo artist, he still made sure to be involved within the industry in some capacity as a songwriter and producer. Eventually, his hard work paid off,  leading him to write hit songs for notable artists like Cee Lo Green, Sean Kingston and Flo Rida. As things were slowly turning around for Mars, these artists were the ones who were benefiting from his hard work; they were the ones receiving the credit, the accolades and most of all the financial merit.

The experience as a producer and working as a writer helped polish Bruno’s craft and know the real ins and outs of the music industry. He then took the plunge and decided he needed to get his own credit and decided to go directly behind the mic.

“Bruno came to the conclusion that the best way to further his career was writing and producing hit songs for himself.” — Cameron Strang, speaking about developing Mars’ career

Mars shaped and transformed his career instantly, earning Grammys, selling out concerts and earning a listing as one of the “100 most Influential People.” Today, as one of the jack-of-all-trade talents in the industry, and is often compared to Michael Jackson and Prince.

Bruno showcases that it’s never too late to take control of your career, and while you may feel you’re “stuck” somewhere now, it can contribute to later success. If finding inroads to your chosen goal is hard, try working in secondary roles or industries and use the network and skills you build to break in later.

Take any opportunity, and make it yours. From turning even an entry-level job, to learning, building and growing it into a flourishing and fulfilling career. Anything is possible when you’re in control.

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Image Credit: Brothers Le via CC Attributions 2.0 Generic License. Modified for sizing.