Clint Eastwood on Remaining a Mystery You don’t need to share everything.

Social networks are an effective tool to further your career prospects, reconnect with old friends and share meaningful experiences with your followers, but at what cost?

A 2012 study published by Badoo explores how people interact on their social networks, and if these interactions have affected their real life social circles. The study polled 6,000 people from around the globe and discovered patterns of concerning behaviour. 28% of those polled claimed that they exaggerate and lie about who they’ve met and what they’ve done. Another 47% believe that their online relationships are “less meaningful” and “more superficial.”

Without detracting from its usefulness, it seems easy to fall into a spiral of oversharing and overexposing yourselves on social media, but having a sense of mystery about you can be a powerful thing.

Clint Eastwood was  —  and still is  —  a mysterious man. It’s part of his allure. As Muhammad Ali said about the actor:

“They can’t compare Tom Mix and Hapalong Cassidy and these fellas with you [Clint Eastwood], you know. Those fellas had to do a lot of riding and shooting to get your attention, all he is got to do is need a shave and put a dark cigarette in his mouth.” 

Eastwood’s early roles in Spaghetti Westerns saw him play quiet and fearless characters who refused to succumb to the elements of the wild west. Although his choice of roles has diversified, his persona remains the same. Very little is known about Clint Eastwood’s personal life and he rarely obliges interview requests. During his 60 plus years in the entertainment business, Eastwood has retained a piece of himself of which the rest of the world does not know.

“There is a tendency in moviemaking to treat the audience as if they won’t stay with you unless you explain every little thing along the way … I like it, personally, in movies when there is something left to think about. I’m attracted to that sort of thing. Without using ambiguity to the point where it is boring, if sometimes some things are left unsaid, it’s much more picturesque in the person’s mind than something that is drawn out for you which could be disappointing, ’cause you wish it were something else.” — Clint Eastwood 

Think of your life as if it were a film in which you’re the producer, director, writer and actor  —  a lot like Eastwood’s films. Don’t feel pressured to constantly update your Instagram with pictures of family or your Facebook with work milestones. Doing this creates a sense of mystery and intrigue that in turn, makes you that much more interesting.

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