Delhi 2 Dublin on Finding Common Ground Opposites attract.

Delhi 2 Dublin is a fusion band from Vancouver, Canada. A musical mixture of vocals, the Indian tabla, the Irish fiddle and guitar makes up the band’s signature mix of Celtic sounds and bhangra beats.

The band debuted in 2006 and have been entertaining crowds with their energetic shows ever since, bringing their unique sound to various venues across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Understandably, D2D are often asked how they make each individual sound work so beautifully together. In an interview with, the band responded:

“I think we’re all a product of our respective cultures in a very deep way. We can try to pretend we’re not, but we are. We didn’t have a choice about the language we spoke, the music we listened to, the food we ate, and the way we related to other people as we grew up. D2D isn’t about trying to represent culture in any authentic way. It’s about us bringing our experiences to the table, finding common ground, and exploring that common ground together.”

The band came about after an unexpected collaboration at the Vancouver Celtic Fest. The crowd loved what they heard, and Delhi 2 Dublin have been booking gigs ever since.

Sometimes the best partnerships are the most unanticipated. Whether it’s in your creative work or everyday professional life, it’s important to be open to working with all kinds of people. As long as your overall interests are in sync, embracing and learning from different personalities and perspectives can actually make for a stronger and more diverse result in the end.

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