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The Theory of Everything is a film based on the life of physicist Stephen Hawking and his 25-year relationship with Jane Wilde. British actors Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones played the couple, and while Redmayne received countless praise for his portrayal of Hawking, Jones’ character of Wilde also required immense research and in-depth understanding on a more emotional level.

In order for Jones to fully resonate with the personality and mannerisms of her character, she spent time with Wilde, so she could observe her behaviour in a very authentic way.

“I went to her house for a cup of tea, and I remember feeling quite disingenuous talking to her but then observing everything else that was going on: how she picked up her teacup, how she ate her biscuit,” said Jones in an interview with The Guardian.

The grace and composure of Wilde reminded Jones much of the Queen of England, so she also watched and studied videos of the Queen. And to understand Wilde’s role as Hawking’s caregiver, Jones spent time with her grandmother who suffered from dementia.

Because Jones was portraying Wilde from her late teens right through to her forties, she also received training from voice and movement coaches to learn how these aspects of your body change over time.

And while Jones was working on her own character development, she also had to study the relationship between Wilde and Hawking, and how their chemistry and love for each other developed and changed over the years.

“Eddie and I were completely reliant on each other, as Jane and Stephen became one person in many ways,” she says. “Jane becomes Stephen’s body and voice, which comes with all sorts of complications and frustrations on both sides. So it was always about us working off each other. There had to be this feeling of complete synchronicity,” said Jones in the same interview.

Months and months of research and practice went into just one character, but the results paid off. The Theory of Everything has received fantastic reviews and now is up for five Oscars, with Jones receiving her first ever nomination for her role in the film.

If there’s something you’re passionate about, the only way to get better and see results is if you invest the time and energy into honing your craft. Regardless of how big or small the task is, give your one hundred per cent and always go the extra mile to be better.

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