Jerome Jarre on the Power of Positivity

Jerome Jarre is known to millions of teens around the world as the happiest person on the internet. His infectiously positive, over-the-top Vines have garnered the 24-year-old a global audience of over eight million followers on the platform alone.

Combined with his two million Instagram followers, and an even larger Snapchat following, Jerome has direct access to a substantially larger audience than the majority of primetime TV personalities. With this massive, organically built audience, Jerome is leading a new wave of internet celebrities who have a tremendous influence on the next generation.

He refers to his fans as his friends, a perfect example of why he’s been so successful. By constantly providing his audience with great content, rather than treating them like potential customers, he’s built a personal brand that is unprecedentedly transparent and authentic.

“It took him all of seven minutes to convince me to start an agency with him. He understood Vine, Snapchat and Instagram in a way that no one else did.” — Gary Vaynerchuk on starting an agency with Jerome

He wasn’t always the hyper-outgoing, over-the-top persona that he is today. During his childhood in France, Jerome was a quiet and shy kid who was constantly bullied. At 19, he dropped out of business school and moved to China by himself, where he launched three unsuccessful start-ups.

After discovering Vine on the day of its release, Jerome essentially dedicated his life to creating his quirky six-second videos. It became his outlet for connecting with people, meeting new friends, and sharing his message of positivity with the world.

By turning adversity into opportunity, Jerome has used his philosophy of unbridled positivity and optimism to find his purpose in life and become one of the most influential media personalities of his generation.

While his videos often border on naive and overly optimistic, that’s exactly the reaction he’s looking for. Jerome Jarre serves as inspiration to overcome your fears and pursue the work that matters to you.

“Everyone is looking for a purpose in life. The reason we all go to the cinema, or online, is because we haven’t found a purpose yet. We are always wondering why we’re here. But I’ve learned that we have to create that purpose for ourselves. My purpose, which I finally found thanks to social media, is helping all of these people find their purpose.” — Jerome Jarre in an interview with the New York Times

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