John F. Kennedy on Finding A Foundation What guides you?

The youngest and most charismatic president in the history of the United States tends to be known for his contributions towards the space race and his presence of mind during the Cuban Missile Crisis. However, what best exemplifies him, was his passion and commitment towards public service.

“If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.”

As someone who grew up in a life of privilege, JFK let that experience shape his ability to be empathetic to the working class, garnering him the understanding to run a nation. By being able to take into account the struggles of people not like himself, he was able to progress from a Congressman to the White House.

While others may have been drunken with power or changed their views over time, Kennedy continued to be committed and progressive towards the public and was passionate on progression and help elevate and advance social issues and civil rights.

Like Kennedy, finding a short, simple, guiding principle to your passion will help keep you on track when facing tough decisions. It is something that you can always fall back on as a barometer when making choices that could affect both you and others who depend on you – while you might not be averting a nuclear crisis, having a clear conscience while making decisions will go a long way to reduce stress and increase clarity.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Arjun Sehgal

With over 5 years of professional and managerial experience, Arjun Sehgal has built his expertise by working with leading organizations in higher education, healthcare, and telecommunications. He is completing a Masters of Sciences in eHealth at McMaster University, while also leading a digital risk management project in the Cardiovascular Department of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. Simultaneously, he is expanding business development operations at a digital agency (Adelpha Tech), where he works with clients who are in need of desktop and app (iOS & Android) development and consultation. He is a contributor at and serves as a decision maker on policy development on the Ontario Public Health Association’s Health Equity Task Group.