Jus Reign on Tradition A little laughter goes a long way.

Whether he’s remixing modern pop songs with an Indian touch, or making a video where he’s the Indian Walter White from Breaking Bad, popular YouTuber Jus Reign’s love for his home country is always front and centre.

Jus Reign didn’t have an easy path to internet stardom. In the beginning, Jus Reign, whose real name is Jasmeet Singh, struggled with the expectations of his parents and culture. A career in comedy is not something that most immigrant parents imagine for their children and the world of YouTube and Vine was even more foreign.

“I was pursuing being a doctor, because that was what my parents wanted me to be… Within South Asian culture, it’s still frowned upon to be in the arts. It’s either a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer–that’s all they want you to be.” – Jus Reign, Toronto Life`

But by embracing his Indian culture in his comedy, found a way to not completely abandon the ship of tradition.

For Jus Reign to be bold enough to walk down the path of arts wearing his traditional Indian shoes and still have a strong following of Indians and non-Indians, shows his real talent: interconnectivity.

His strong following on social media shows how his videos are more than just funny distractions, they bring people together. They’re not just for Indians. Anybody who lives at the intersection of Old World traditions and New World customs can relate to his unique brand of intercultural comedy.

Debunking stereotypes and educating young people, one video at a time, Jus Reign teaches us that you don’t have to abandon your traditional values to be successful. In fact, they can be the essential quality that sets you apart from the rest of the pack.

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