Lecrae on Knowing your Roots

For a lot of people, Hip-hop and Christianity do not go together.

An absurd combination that – believe it or not – has been going on for at least two decades. The two cultures have been forever singing a melody that has just recently soothed the ear of pop culture.

Lecrae, the most celebrated member of this choir – with seven albums, two mixtapes, a Grammy award, a Soul Train award and three Grammy nominations under his belt – is really the tip of the iceberg in this booming movement.

From even before his debut 2005 album Real Talk, Lecrae has been rooted firmly in his belief of the gospel. An unwavering faith, a very patient man, a leader in his own right and a public figure, he has really influenced millions of lives and thousands of organizations.

Those who have been following him from the very beginning, can testify that his message has not changed despite the fame and the achievement.

His message is a simple yet demanding Bible passage:

“I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; it is the power of salvation to anyone that believes.” – Romans 1:16

In a culture where Bible scriptures and hope-filled lyrics are “bad for business,” he has been able to march right through the gates and carve his name on the walls.

Fame has a way of watering down one’s beliefs as they start to branch out from their fundamental roots. Lecrae however, has not forgotten where he was planted and his most recent album, Anomaly, is a testament to that.

“I am a Christian. I am a rapper. But Christian is my faith, not my genre.” – Lecrae, The Exchange Interview

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, it’s always important to remember where you started. Continue to go back to your roots even as you excel in whatever endeavors you chose to pursue. It’ll help you stay focused and keep grounded, just like Lecrae.

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  • Celeste Daniella

    Excellent read! Totally agree, I don’t think Lecrae’s music should be restrained to just the CHH community or that he should be stuck in a box because of his faith. He is Christian at the end of the day and the content of his music reflects that, whether he says “Jesus” constantly in them or not.