Meher Pavri on Mastering your Craft Living the dream.

Meher Pavri is an Indo-Canadian soprano singer based in Toronto. While she has chosen a rather unconventional career path for an Indian girl in her late twenties, Pavri believes the key to success is persistence and commitment to your craft.

Being a young opera singer can come with its challenges — audition mistakes, not receiving anticipated audience reactions, uncertainty of your next assignment, but Pavri doesn’t let this overshadow her love for what she does.

“It’s all part of the game. The more you do it, the more you get used to it. I take every audition as a performance opportunity,” said Pavri in a personal interview.

With persistence comes commitment, and knowing how to properly and strategically work on your craft to make yourself better.

“In opera, your voice gets better with time and age, so staying healthy is so important. Your body is your instrument,” said Pavri.

While your passion remains, persistence must follow, along with complete dedication to what you do. One bad experience or rejection shouldn’t steer you off the tracks right away. Commit yourself and exhaust all avenues before deciding if something isn’t for you.

“What I do on a day-to-day basis, I don’t think the average person would love to do. There’s so much practice and patience involved, but I am definitely living my dream,” said Pavri.

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