Mike Tyson on Getting Back on Your Feet Learn from past mistakes.

Mike Tyson has by far one of the most infamous reputations in professional boxing history. From biting the ears of his opponents to going bankrupt, the former heavyweight champion has seen the worst of days in the eyes of the media. He has made many decisions in his career and personal life that are strong taboos in society.

Although those decisions put him in a bad place for most of his life, he has attempted successfully to rebrand himself and re-shape his public image. From going on talk shows to participating in game shows, his name is now well-known, not only in the world of sports but also as a bona fide celebrity. He has a strong following on social media and he is one of the most prominent and influential athletes in the world.

A man once known for rape, violence and indiscretion now publicly spends time with his family and building his own charity for kids, Mike Tyson Cares.

In 2009, he had a one hour visit from jail to his family for a photoshoot. An article written by Esquire Magazine for this occasion said:

“The heart that made Tyson the most openly sadistic of any of our great fighters is the very same heart that throbs encompassingly against Amir’s; the mouth that once tore Evander Holyfield’s ear is the very same mouth that applies itself to Amir’s soft scalp, the very same mouth that — as Tyson shifts his weight on the table and lifts the little boy as though offering him for consecration — opens to show the glint of two gold teeth and to say these two words: ‘My Son.’”

Regardless of his past mistakes, Mike Tyson has risen to still be one of the most influential voices in the world of sports. No matter the type of mistakes you’ve made in the past, the decisions you make today will determine whether you can turn your failures into successes.

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