Natasha Koifman on Introversion Realize your full potential.

When you think of public relations, what comes to mind? Schmoozing at parties, networking with potential clients, maybe a fashion show or two?

It’s easy to assume that those who work in public relations are incredibly outgoing and extroverted. It’s a common belief because of the nature of the industry as a whole. The job does require a lot of communication and face time with everyone from clients to colleagues to media professionals.

But Natasha Koifman is not your typical PR lady. The Toronto-based public relations practitioner has her own firm, NKPR, and is also a self-proclaimed introvert, just, “with the career of an extrovert.” In an article for the Huffington Post, Koifman explains how she made it all work:

“As an introvert, I’ve had to overcome certain personality traits in order to let other ones shine, and when I recognized this about myself, I was better equipped to realize my full potential. I may not seek to dazzle an entire room, rather hone in on those people with whom I have an authentic connection, and focus on cultivating deep one-on-one relationships.”

While you may doubt yourself and your abilities solely because your personality doesn’t match your career, successful entrepreneurs like Koifman are living proof that your disposition doesn’t always have to directly correlate with your job aspirations. It’s about finding the right fit for you, being happy in that field, and finding ways to ensure your personality and career work in unison. As Koifman says in her Huffington Post article:

I believe we shouldn’t limit ourselves by choosing a career that’s exactly like our personalities, and instead focus on what we’re passionate about. Just like in love, sometimes our perfect match is actually our opposite!”

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