Tyler, The Creator on Creativity Challenge the norm.

The hip-hop world consists of many creative minds. In an attempt to hone their brand, rappers create videos, visual art or even clothing to reflect their music and showcase their artistry in different ways. Each album, video, logo and so on is a part of their process of continual growth and creative development.

Tyler, the Creator is a true original. The young rapper has creativity coursing through his veins and his artistic pursuits are not limited to music. In addition to releasing his new album Cherry Bomb in April, he has also released a new clothing line called Golf Pride World Wide. Most great creations start with the attempt to answer some big societal question. Tyler, the Creator’s brand manages to challenge white supremacy and embrace LGBT pride all in one shirt.

He recently wrote a blog explaining his thinking behind the art:

“It’s just a group of Caucasians who take pride in being white. Nothing wrong with that… What if a black guy wore this logo on a shirt? Would he be promoting self-hate? Would he be taking the power out of a shape? What if a gay guy wore this on a shirt? Would he be promoting Homophobia?”

After asking himself many questions, the idea for the brand was birthed. Whether it is to improve society, or challenge society’s way of thinking, every work of art speaks volumes to his audience. Tyler, the Creator is respected by his fans, not just because he makes great music, but because he has a great creative mind and is unafraid to use it to challenge societal norms. This is what his fans love about him.

In order to be successful, you must fall in love with your mind. A creative mind is a mind that asks questions about societal situations and comes up with different ways to find solutions to those questions.

If you’re a creative type, think about how you can apply your artistic talents toward efforts that create social change. You will be able to do what you love and help others at the same time. And that’s a beautiful thing.

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