Vince McMahon on Doing What You Love

Nobody knows wrestling quite like Vince McMahon.

From wrestler to commentator, announcer to promoter, Vince McMahon has played major roles in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) since the early 2000’s. Currently, he’s the Chairman and CEO.

McMahon was raised in the ring. He is the third generation of McMahons in the wrestling business. His father, Vince Sr., founded the Capitol Wrestling Corporation, a major entertainment business in the Northeastern United States in the mid-20th century.

McMahon’s love for entertaining audiences started after he graduated with a degree in business.  He was very eager to work with his father in his business but Vince Sr. wanted him to join the military. McMahon convinced his father to give him a part of the business to manage to prove he was capable.

He started out as an on-screen commentator. Slowly learning from his father, he mastered the art of entertaining and eventually purchased Capitol Wrestling from his father in 1982. He then began the expansion process that has transformed the WWE into the spectacle in entertainment we know today.

“The biggest thrill in the world is entertaining the public. There is no bigger thrill than that.” – Vince McMahon

After his father’s death, McMahon started promoting the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in every way he could. At that time, wrestling was limited to regional boundaries in the North Eastern states. He tried hard to sell the brand by sending videotapes of his show to other regions in the country. He tried to expand nationally, something that no one else had done before.

Competition arose when World Championship Wrestling (WCW) was launched by media mogul Ted Turner in 1988. The WCW dominated the WWF in those years and the rivalry between the two kept growing as both companies tried to gain viewership and increase their TV ratings. McMahon started signing top talent and raided other regions with his shows in order to strengthen his company and come out on top. His events started drawing record numbers of viewers on pay-per-view and on television.

After crushing the WCW, McMahon took the WWF to NASDAQ and went on to purchase it for $5 million in 2001. He is currently valued at $750 million and is successfully running the WWE, an empire that broadcasts in more than 45 countries worldwide.

McMahon has always loved promoting events and entertaining people. He loved it so much that he did a lot of the work all by himself. He promoted, built and entertained all for the love of the WWE. That is why despite so many struggles in his early days, he still had the power to achieve the things he did.

While you might not be wrestling royalty like Vince McMahon, you can still follow his example. If you want to be a mega mogul, understand that you will have to fight for your business in order to prove that you, and your work, matter. It will all be worth it in the end when you achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

From commentator to CEO, Vince McMahon proves that the key to success is hard work. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for insight, wisdom and notices for when our posts go live.

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